Invisalign Braces are Gaining Popularity with Adults

Dentists have noticed a growing number of adult patients enquiring about orthodontic treatment during the past few years. The trend appears to be driven by several factors, including technological advances in dentistry and a greater emphasis on personal appearance. It would seem that Invisalign braces have sparked their interest.

Many of those older patients who now opt for this form of orthodontic treatment failed to take the opportunity when they were younger due to the somewhat conspicuous nature of regular wire braces, the only option at the time, fearing the embarrassment of the often cruel jibes, like “Hey, metal mouth”, from their peers.

Ironically, avoiding the issue in many cases merely led to an alternative source of embarrassment: visibly misaligned teeth leaving them reluctant to smile as adults.


The Appeal of Invisalign Braces for Adults

There are several reasons why people might seek orthodontic treatment later in life. While an attractive smile can boost self-esteem and confidence and is a prominent motive, aesthetics is not the only one:

  • Oral health: Misaligned teeth can lead to various dental problems, including tooth decay and gum disease, as well as speech impediments and difficulty chewing.
  • General health: One should never overlook the close relationship between the state of our teeth and our general health. Crooked teeth can have more consequences than self-consciousness about smiling. Misalignments can cause abnormal wear on tooth enamel, jaw pain and temporomandibular joint disorders.


Invisalign Braces vs Traditional Braces

These new style braces have transformed the traditional approach to straightening misaligned or crooked teeth by providing adult patients with an option that successfully addresses all their most frequent reservations. Made from a transparent, durable, medical-grade plastic called polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or polyethersulfone (PES), clear aligners are almost invisible when worn. However, this is just one of several advantages. Consider the following:

  • They are removable: This convenient feature of clear aligners means that patients can take them out when they need to eat or brush their teeth. As a result, Invisalign wearers can enjoy a broader range of foods and maintaining oral hygiene is more manageable than for patients fitted with conventional, fixed wire braces. The latter requires meticulous cleaning to prevent plaque buildup and can be easily damaged by hard foods like crisp apples and nuts.
  • Shorter treatment time: The time required to straighten misaligned teeth will vary depending on the complexity of the case. However, in contrast to the typical 18 to 24 months required with wire braces, Invisalign treatments typically only need between 12 and 18 months to work their magic.
  • Fewer dental appointments: Patients with conventional braces will typically need to visit their orthodontist every four to six weeks for any necessary changes to the wires and bands. By contrast, clear aligners are designed to allow the patient to change them at home every one or two weeks, an ideal option for busy adults with little spare time for dental visits.


Invisalign Braces in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Whether you have concerns about the effect of misaligned teeth on your oral or general health, or you want to restore your self-esteem and smile confidently, you can guarantee expert treatment and top-quality aligners at a Dr Ivan Marx surgery. To find out more, why not book a free virtual consultation?