Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital Dental X-Rays

Dr Ivan Marx uses digital dental X-rays to provide even better dental care and more accurate diagnoses. The process of digitally capturing an image is much faster, safer, and more comfortable for the patient.

How Do Digital Dental X-Rays Work?

We place a small film in the mouth. This is a special fabricated X-ray film only for the use of digital X-rays. An X-ray beam is sent through your teeth and onto the film. This film is then developed by the digital X-ray machine which records the image of your teeth and sends it to the computer. The image is then visible on the computer and may be projected to a normal TV screen for better visibility to you and your dentist.

Why Are Digital Dental X-Rays Better?

The digital dental X-ray system is more sensitive than dental X-ray film systems, so your exposure to X-rays is cut by as much as 90%. The larger, colour-enhanced images let you see what your dentist sees, so it’s easier for you to understand how your dentist will treat your teeth. Used photo chemicals and film are not polluting the environment. Your dental checkups take less time, and it’s fun to watch this system work. Most patients are amazed at the outcome of this incredible technology.

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