Microscopic Dentistry

Microscopic Dentistry

Microscopic Dentistry In Pretoria And Johannesburg

Microscopic dentistry helps us to precisely examine teeth and perform operations at a microscopic level.

When using high magnification during procedures, we are able to see microscopic details that are simply impossible to visualise with either the naked eye or even loupes. By using surgical operating dental microscopes, dental restorations have an incredibly precise fit and finish. Microscopic dentistry provides a precision in dental care that is exceptional.

Benefits Of Microscopic Dentistry

The ability to use very high levels of magnification to improve diagnosis and treatment is transforming the way the modern dentist operates. Endodontic treatment (Root canal treatment) of teeth is taken to a new level. Locating of canals and visibility of small, not visible with the naked eye canals, can be seen in a new perspective. Making root canal treatments more successful and durable in the future.


OPMI®pico Dental Microscope From Carl Zeiss

Dr. Marx uses the OPMI®pico Dental Microscope from Carl Zeiss. This microscope can be moved with outstanding ease, allowing the dentist to adopt an upright seated position during the entire treatment. This considerably relieves the strain on the neck and back of the treating dentist.

Thanks to the additional possibilities for the lateral and front-to-back tilting of the microscope, hard-to-reach areas can be viewed more easily and quickly during therapy.

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