Your Teeth Are Your Business Card – What Do Yours Say?

“What I want more than anything to have a successful career … my teeth have ruined it all. I can’t get a decent job… I don’t see friends, I don’t smile. I am so defeated.”

This heart-breaking anonymous online post highlights the brutal reality of living with dental problems. Bad teeth affect every area of our lives, from our health to our personal relationships, and this is particularly true in the world of business.

The corporate world can be brutal. For those of us who are career orientated, self-driven and motivated by success, we know that we need to stay at the top of our game in this dog-eat-dog environment. But, are we sabotaging our own efforts by neglecting our teeth?

If this idea sounds shallow and trivial, then we’d like to encourage you to read on.

Thanks, But No Thanks

An article titled “Bad Teeth Are Bad For Business” in Real Business UK, says, “According to a survey of 613 senior SME decision makers by AXA PPP healthcare, some 48 per cent of senior decision-makers in small and medium-sized businesses say that poor dental health or hygiene would have a negative effect on their decision to do business with someone.”

What does this actually mean in practical terms? Essentially it boils down to you spending an inordinate amount of time and effort in your business endeavours, making sure that you look and smell good, you’ve dressed appropriately, you’re on time, witty, engaging and professional – but you didn’t get the gig.

And the real kicker is that you will never know why!

This article further says, “Another 44 per cent admit that unsightly teeth or bad breath would adversely affect their decision to promote an employee – regardless of their ability.”

Dogged By Dental Problems

We have to agree then that dental problems will negatively impact your career in one way or another.

Whether we like it or not, we are being judged and assessed on a sub-conscious level by everyone we meet, and we will leave behind an overall impression once the meeting is over. Just like we would leave our business card for people to remember us by, our teeth convey their own message.

How will people remember you?

Your Personal Brand

A crisp, thick, laminated business card with a clear message tells the recipient that you’re a serious business person. Details are important to you. You are likely to be on time, attentive and will always have a pen. If your business card is a torn off piece of paper with some illegible scribble on it, you’re basically saying that you’re not professional, you’re a little slap-dash in all you do, and you probably won’t return their phone calls.

Likewise, if you don’t care enough to attend to something as important and in-your-face (pun intended) as your dental problems, then what does that say about you? Sadly, arriving at a meeting with bad breath and jumbled, yellowing teeth dilutes your message and your skills and distracts from your experience and value. It’s also very likely that your confidence will be negatively affected – a factor that insidiously affects your entire working life in so many ways.

In a world where a mouth full of bad teeth is easily fixed, your silent message to your business peers is that you can’t be bothered.

Success Stories

A career woman named Naomi Garnice noted down her very personal experience about living with teeth that she hated, and how it impacted her career.

However, once she had been through the procedures necessary to fix her dental issues, she had this to say: “I started becoming the person and the professional I’d always wanted to be, navigating social and professional situations with more grit and assurance than ever. I no longer dreaded meetings with my boss or exchanges with colleagues at conferences.

As I became more visible at the company, my smile did, too. I smiled at everyone, bringing more energy into meetings and encounters with the executive team. I was known for my constant smile and positive attitude, which made me approachable, and I was able to build some of the most real and meaningful relationships of my career at that company.”

We know that you’re busy – we get it. But in a world where first impressions are everything and your smile really is your business card, don’t you think it’s worth taking the time to fix these nagging dental problems?

Dr Marx has made it easy for professionals like you by developing fast and efficient procedures which will get you out of the dentist chair and back in your office chair in the shortest possible time – with a brand new “business card.”  Call for more information now.