Why Do White Teeth Make You More Attractive?

Did you notice a keyword in the heading to this article? The inclusion of the word why shows us very clearly that there is no question that white teeth make us more attractive. Now we just want to find out why that is.

Our TVs and the Internet are chock full of make-over shows where people try to attain the pinnacle of beauty. They have skilled plastic surgeons on standby ready to enlarge or adjust faces and body parts, hair and makeup specialists work their magic, trainers, coaches and psychologists may also be in the mix. But whatever the point of the makeover is, there will always be a dental surgeon involved.

Teeth have been described as the human equivalent of the peacock’s tail, and with good reason. Our teeth tell our story before we’ve said a word. They are key to a good – or bad – first impression. What do yours say about you?

White Teeth Top The Charts

If you are in the dating pool, then you know very well how fickle people can be. We make snap decisions on others within mere seconds of meeting them, or we swipe left and discard those specimens who aren’t quite to our liking.

Yellow teeth and bad breath have been shown to be a major turn-off for most people, followed closely by bad hair and bald spots.

But why the preoccupation with teeth?

Here’s to your Health

Whether you are a proponent of the theory of evolution or not, there seems to be an unspoken law in which our subconscious dictates to us what we find attractive, and what repulses us. Call it survival of the fittest or attraction of a suitable mate, but whatever it is we are drawn to people who look healthy and can satisfy our basic human needs.

Take, for example, the shape of the female body. The distribution of fat on a woman speaks to a man’s innate desire to find a mate who can bear children as a healthily curvaceous woman is likely to be able to withstand the demands placed on her body during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In much the same way, tall men are perceived as stronger, more dominant, and having the physical resources to provide for a woman, making them appear more attractive.

So too with our teeth. A person who is missing teeth, for example, is considered to have poor overall health and is perhaps nutritionally deficient and prone to disease. Genetically a bad match, and not someone we would want to share our DNA with.

Darker teeth indicate advancing age, a lack of dental hygiene, or a poor diet – none of which say, “Marry me now!”

Here’s to your Wealth

Whether we like it or not, a more affluent person generally appears more attractive. They are likely to present themselves better, to be healthier and more charismatic. Interestingly, research has clearly shown us that people with white teeth appear younger, better educated and – you guessed it – wealthier.

Perhaps because white teeth have historically been the domain of the wealthy upper class, or maybe it’s just an expected feature of those who are rich and famous. Either way, we are accustomed to the fact that money equals great teeth.

Fortunately for those who may not have hit the genetic jackpot or be predisposed toward perfect teeth, there is a simple solution.

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures offered and is available to everyone who wants a winning smile.  This simple and non-invasive procedure can be performed by Dr Marx or one of his skilled team in just one hour – leaving you looking healthier, wealthier and significantly more attractive. In our modern age, there really is no excuse to have anything less than dazzling white teeth. Call us now and let’s get you smiling.