The Emotional Effects of Crooked Teeth

We are, without a doubt, our own harshest critic. When we stand before the mirror and assess ourselves, we see things that nobody else is likely to, like that spot on our chin, those creases around our eyes or the way our hair curls around our neck. However, one thing that we know for certain is that people will notice our crooked teeth.

While a dab of make-up and a few minutes with our trusty straightening iron will help, we know that we face yet another day where we stare in envy at the straight white teeth of others as they laugh confidently – and we don’t.

Our interconnected and highly social world says that you must be pretty to get ahead, to be happy, to find love, and to enjoy career success. Pretty takes many forms; hot blondes with legs that go on forever, dinky little brunettes with slender ankles, or Amazonian redheads with fire and zest. Tastes differ – true – but one thing remains valid: if you have crooked teeth you aren’t considered beautiful by the societal norms that everyone seems to adhere to.

The Internal Effects of Crooked Teeth

For those of us who have been blessed from birth with fabulous teeth, much of this article will make very little sense. How can something so trivial as the direction that your teeth are pointing have such an impact on your life? Get over yourselves man!

Having crooked teeth is not the problem though. The issue is the emotional and psychological trauma that goes along with a deterioration in physical appearance; being imperfect in a world that expects perfection.

People with crooked teeth are treated differently. Assumptions are made about their personal hygiene, their oral health, socio-economic standing, upbringing or diet. Imagine being treated as lazy, a social outcast, or unintelligent when the absolute opposite is true? Imagine being spoken down to when you are super smart, or not getting the job because the other candidate had better teeth?

These subtle nuances of behaviour slowly push people into a crisis of confidence, anxiety and depression. They isolate themselves, taking comfort in their own company and not willing to experience the ordeal of socialising.  The embarrassment around their teeth cuts people off from others, avoiding conversations, public speaking or any type of setting with people outside of their inner circle.

The Consequences Continue

A smile is the universal message of happiness, a pleasant greeting, and the next logical thing to do once you’ve shaken someone’s hand. A smile makes a good first impression, it makes you more attractive and more approachable.

People with crooked teeth avoid smiling. If they do, it’s with closed lips or a hand in front of their mouths. This absence of such a key aspect of our communication as humans impacts negatively; others see us as unfriendly, angry, rude or disinterested. And we are treated as such.

However, there is more to the smile-free life than what others think of you – which to be fair is bad enough on its own. Smiling – the actual act of pulling our cheek muscles up – makes us happy. It reduces stress, encourages positive thoughts and gets the happy hormones flowing. If you aren’t smiling because of crooked teeth, your emotional and physical state is suffering.

It’s a vicious and unfortunate circle of cause and effect.

Over the years, a crooked smile will leave its mark on our minds and hearts. At some point, you may just feel, well, this is who I am. I am shy, I don’t like to socialise, I don’t enjoy public speaking, my career is okay, and I don’t think I’ll ever have a successful romantic relationship.

Are you really going to settle for this life?

If you were overweight and you realised that it was affecting your life, would you commit to a healthy diet and good exercise routine? In the same way, don’t let crooked teeth sentence you to a lifetime of unhappiness. Isn’t it time you discovered the real you? The smart, funny and infinitely loveable person behind the smile?

Straight, beautiful teeth are no longer a nice-to-have but are an essential part of every woman’s beauty bag. Let’s make your crooked teeth a thing of the past – call us now for a consultation.