Exploring Cosmetic Dentistry in the Twenty-first Century

Since as early as 200 AD, people have sought to enhance the appearance of their teeth. However, more recently, this has become the role of cosmetic dentistry. Though otherwise healthy, some people’s teeth may be darker in colour, while others show signs of a more pronounced discolouration due to excessive tobacco use or poor oral hygiene.

However, colour is only one aspect of dental aesthetics. Teeth are frequently misaligned, often protruding and making it difficult to bite effectively. Overcrowding is common, and the legacy of having a significantly smaller jaw than our primitive ancestors but the same number of teeth to accommodate.

Wear and tear, neglect and failure to seek regular dental treatment frequently result in decay and natural tooth loss or unavoidable extractions, leaving unsightly gaps and impairing one’s ability to chew, which, in turn, can lead to digestive problems.

The above are all valid reasons to seek help from a specialist cosmetic dentist to address aesthetic issues and promote healthy teeth function restoration.

Cosmetic Dentistry in the Treatment of Tooth Discolouration

Teeth whitening preparations are now widely available from retail pharmacy outlets. Although effective to varying degrees, most offer only a relatively brief solution at best and require frequent repetition. They involve the use of bleach-based materials ranging from gels to impregnated polyethylene strips. However, experience has shown that the only surefire way to gain a Hollywood film star smile is to consult a cosmetic dentist.

Professional tooth whitening will also employ a bleaching agent, but tailored gel trays ensure all-around contact with each tooth and guarantee a more long-lasting remedy. However, veneers can offer the patient a more permanent means to disguise stained or discoloured teeth.

A dental veneer is a layer of porcelain or composite resin that can be attached to the front surface of a tooth to conceal cracks, chips, stains or other anomalies and restore a sparkling white smile.


Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions for Tooth Loss or Damage

Visible gaps in dentition and damaged teeth can be embarrassing and are often a source of discomfort. Bridgework, crowns and various types of tooth replacements are the solutions of choice for the modern cosmetic dentist.

A dental bridge is an inexpensive way to fill the gaps left by one or more missing teeth if there are healthy teeth to anchor them. However, the lack of roots will eventually lead to bone loss. Crowns can repair damage to the upper part of a tooth. However, only dental implants offer a permanent solution that will also prevent bone loss.

Dental implants have swept the world and created a substantial income from dental tourism in countries like Poland, Turkey, Thailand and India. In this process, custom-made tooth replacements are attached via an abutment to titanium implants embedded in the jawbone, which act as anchors. The anchors behave like natural roots, preventing bone loss and providing a degree of rigidity not possible with bridgwork or dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Gauteng

Advanced teeth whitening, teeth replacements, high-quality veneers and crowns, and teeth function restoration are all available from Dr Ivan Marx’s surgeries in Pretoria and Johannesburg. If you want that youthful white smile back, why not get in touch today or book an appointment?